Get Involved

Getting involved is a great way to show your kids that you have concern for morality of education. Parent Volunteers are essential to the organisation of fundraising events in the school community with lawful means. A school & family partnership enhance academic achievement. When parents & teachers work together then student report in a higher levels of motivation and self esteem. High quality education is the foundation of child’s life. But to have qualified education is a dream for poor people while you can associate with us to help them by donating something. This is opportunity for you to make the nation a superior spot and Your investment in our “Child Education Fund “ sparks the future of poor child’s. Your generous support helps to continue our work.

Financial Support

The most essential support is financial support for
1. School promotional activities of Disney school.
2. Training programs for small children to develop their future.

Corporate Support

1. Sponsorship for promotional activities of Disney school.
2. Support for education & teaching or training programs for children.

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